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  • Celebrate and honor your ancestors, roots, and culture. Bring the celebration to your walls and with it, magic, fun, and protection. This bundle adds texture and color to your space with a Vejigante mask next to a macramé wall hanger. Hand-knotted with high quality rope hanging from a copper pipe. Vejigante Mask made out of coconut and hand-painted by the artist comes with a golden wire hanger on the back for the wall. These items were specially priced for this bundle. (Valued at $310)



    Mask Dimension: 12” x 12” x 6


    Wall Hanger Dimension: 16” x 36"


    Color: Black, Mint, and pastel orange.


    Hand-knotted in San Juan, Puerto Rico


    Vejigante Mask made in Salt Lake City, Utah




    C E L E B R A C I Ó N A N C E S T R A L

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